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Meetings and Workshops

Meetings take place every week. At our monthly general meetings, we discuss recent news and events relevant to the cybersecurity community. On other weeks we host guest speakers, hold workshops, prepare for cyber competitions, and break down recently disclosed vulnerabilities.

Past Guest Speakers

  • Shanna Rahming (State of Nevada)
  • Dan Manson (NCL)
  • Marcos Palacios (Fortinet)
  • Aaron Walker (UNR)
  • Shaun Rahmeyer (Nevada Office of Cyber Defense Coordination)
  • Tony Rucci
  • Brandon Peterson (DRI)

Past Workshops

  • Linux
  • Bash Scripting
  • SQL Injection and Timing Attacks
  • Web Penetration Testing
  • Regex
  • HTTP
  • Networking
  • Basic Reverse Engineering

Vulnerability Breakdowns

  • Zoom RCE
  • Cross-site Scripting in Google Translate, Microsoft Edge
  • Safari Webcam Hacking


We occasionally hold extended meetings in which we have a designated activity for club members to work on individually or with others. Activities include reverse engineering challenges, wargames, and capture the flag competitions.

Past activities:
  • picoCTF

Cyber Clinics

Cyber Clinics follow a “triage, treat, and train” methodology where trained “Cyber-Medics” provide personalized cyber-security guidance. The main objective of a Cyber Clinic is to teach people valuable techniques in cyber self-defense. Cyber Clinics provide a mutually beneficial value proposition; the “patients” learn how to improve their cyber self-defense, and student cyber-medics apply their cybersecurity knowledge and develop practical experience.

Cyber Clinics have been on hold since 2018 but we are looking to start holding clinics again if there is sufficient interest. Past clinics have been held in the following locations:
  • Attorney General's Office
  • Governor's Mansion
  • UNR Knowledge Center
  • Reno Air Races